About Me

My name is Sherlin. And I like to win. My head’s in a spin. Where DO I begin?!? My name is Sherlin. No I said that again. I’ve got five kids to tend. And I call all containers a bin. My name is Sherlin.

If you’re itchin' to munch on something fresh from the kitchen just ask the munchkins I live with who they call on to fix ‘em and they’ll tell you my name. My name is Sherlin.

I also do Calligraphy, watercolor, and minor cartography. My hubs continues to claim, when he's talking to me, that I’m legitimately a local celebrity. That’s enough about me.

If I seem a bit cagey, I’ve just been up lately with a baby and contemplating his biting tendency while I endure it indefensibly. Preppin' for the class you want. Making videos of my skills to flaunt. Waiting for my kids to pick something to settle on. And the one thing I’m sure of as life goes on is

My name is Sherlin.

- by Ian Larsen