Frequently Asked Questions

What is modern calligraphy?

Calligraphy is hand written script that follows very strict and precise strokes and guidelines. Spencerian and Copperplate for example are classic forms of Calligraphy and older (stricter) forms of cursive than we know now. Modern Calligraphy is just that, a modern take on Classic Calligraphy. It’s a lot like cursive in how it looks but less rigidity and regulation between letters and alignment. They do, however, still follow some guidelines and use basic strokes.

What is BuJo?

BuJo is short for Bullet Journal, an analog organizational system with many mental health benefits and opportunities for art.

What’s the writing style used by the founding fathers?

If you’re referring to say, the Constitution, then THAT was written in copperplate. Copperplate is incredibly rigid in its guidelines and strokes but beautiful to behold.

Follow up — can you write like that?

I can! I’m no master copperplate calligrapher but I can definitely do it!

How fast can you complete my project?

That depends on my current workload, the size of your project and the rate of speed of your responses.

How do I request a private class?

Email me! I’m happy to work with you on details for hosting your own class or party of one.

What are you doing for COVID-19?

Staying inside and learning this virtual world with the help of a lot of muttered curses and a technologically savvy husband. Porch pick up, shipped items and virtual workshops are the jam for now.

More questions?

Please let us know by contacting us here or or emailing