Calligraphy Crash Course

Due to COVID-19, all currently scheduled classes are offered online via Google Meet.

Please stand by! More class dates coming!

Class includes proprietary Larsen Lane workbook and live instruction with real-time feedback

Price: $50.00

About the class!

Calligraphy and classic hand lettering are beautiful, exciting and just a little bit magical. So many people want to try their hand at this all-but-forgotten art, but two questions keep coming back: What kind of pen will work and where do I start? Larsen Lane Lettering can answer both those questions as Sherlin leads you through a two and a half hour introductory to brush pen calligraphy that will not only satisfy your curiosity but whet your appetite for more!


Workbook - After you sign up for the class, you will be provided a link to our very own Larsen Lane Calligraphy Crash Course workbook. It is 15 pages long and is used during the class itself. We can print out the workbook for your if needed and the only cost would be shipping if required. This workbook can also be printed again as needed for practicing the techniques taught in the class after it is over.

Pen - The pen we use is the Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip Brush Pen. It can be found online at John Neal Books, or a number of other retailers. We can provide the pen for an addition cost, but most students prefer to pick the pen up on their own.